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Newsletter: March 2011

Ujima Radio Newsletter
Welcome to our second edition of our bi-monthly newsletter and thanks for your continued support and joining the Ujima family. We are now in the Ides of March and the warmer weather of spring is supposed to be with us!

We at Ujima Radio CIC are hard at work to make progress as a social enterprise on our aims of running a successful radio station that supports the local community during these harsh economic times. I am pleased to announce a new partnership with the City of Bristol College and Western Trainer Providers to help increase the number of young people going into employment and training via the National Apprenticeships Scheme. Look out for more information on this in our next issue.

Our Business Development Director, Kevin Philemon has been working hard to revamp the website and we aim to launch this, during Spring. We are also delighted to announce that we have gained support from the European Regional Development Fund and Business Link to undertake a feasibility study to improve our services. Behind the scenes our Marketing Officer Pauline Orchard is building links with local businesses and some national corporations.

Last month, our drive-time presenter, and newly appointed volunteer rep Mistri (Julian Davis) put on a great Valentine’s event at the Plantation restaurant to raise over £400 for Haiti. Be it Japan, New Zealand, Haiti or the uprisings in Arabic Africa it is a stark reminder in these tough times to cherish your loved ones, and value what you have and not worry about what you haven’t got.

Finally I must take the time to say a fond farewell to two of our very special presenters who are travelling overseas. Newly married Reverend Palmer who has been preaching the gospel and music over the Ujima airwaves on a Sunday morning is going to Detroit USA. Mandy Shute has worked in communities all over Bristol and her informative NHS sponsored Healthy Living Show on Sunday evenings is widely followed. We wish them both every success and thank them for the hours of entertainment they have provided for our listeners.

With the continued growth of urban music dominating the charts in the UK, we will as the great Jazzie B from Soul II Soul says, Keep on Moving!

Roger Griffith – Chair of Ujima Radio CIC and Presenter of the Back 2 Life Show as The G-Man, Fridays 7-9 pm.

‘Be Who You Wanna Be’

 Apprenticeships logoHere at Ujima, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new Wednesday evening show. ‘Be Who You Wanna Be’, hosted by Elevator, will be showcasing the opportunities and experience offered by apprenticeships for those looking to start a career. The show will run on Wednesday evenings between 8 and 10pm and will contain a host of interviews, case studies and potential opportunities. The show will also play a variety of locally produced music for your listening pleasure. Make sure you tune in for advice on how to kick start a new career!

Ujima Christmas Party: Review

The Ujima Xmas party proved to be a lively affair. Despite the cold and icy conditions, many Presenters and Performers made their way to Metropolis to celebrate. Listening to some laidback Afrobeat, courtesy of Dr J, some good food and drink was enjoyed. It was also an opportunity, as always with these events, to chat, laugh and joke around. Things then started to heat up with a Funky house set performed by Mel and Paul. The crowd took to this and many made their way to the dance floor. The party mood had been struck. After a small speech by our Director Roger, it was on to the main performers of the night. Chart show presenter Nia then introduced the Unsigned Urban Chart number one act, Balance featuring Suchy La. This was just the start of a series of brilliant performances which included the ever charismatic Blackout JA, Dallas, Sophia May and Troy Ellis. By now everyone was fully relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Throughout the year everyone had worked hard in a variety of ways to keep Ujima running smoothly. It was a very fitting end to the year that all could assemble and just have a good time. It’s now 2011 and Ujima is already planning to bigger and better than ever before. Thanks to all those who helped organize the night, especially Primrose and Nia

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Training with Shelter

Ujima NewsletterIn February, Ujima radio provided training for clients from Shelter, the charity in Bristol Charity who work to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing. A group of young people devised their own radio show discussing issues that concerned them, and playing music hand picked for the broadcast. Two weeks later the show was aired live on Ujima FM resulting in many positive responses from listeners in Bristol. We ould like to thank all the participants, Shelter representative Ella, and Uima’s DJ Style and Kevin Philemon.

“During the two day training I had with Chantelle, Klesha & Jazmine, they were able to show understanding of radio techniques & creating a radio programme which had relevant topics to there own personal life”. “They were very enthusiastic & also show potential to pursue careers in media & the arts, it was a privilege to work with young people who had a drive to perfect the work we were doing together in such a short time”
DJ Style

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful experience you have given our young people over the last couple of days. Music is something that is so important to the young people that we work with for hundreds of reasons and the way that you used it to bring out their thoughts, feelings and opinions was brilliant to watch.”
Ella Pollock – Shelter

Gyptian @ Ujima!

Gyptian at UjimaIn late December, Ujima were proud to welcome one of Jamaica’s brightest rising stars, Gyptian, into the studio. Ahead of his headline show with Mavado at the Malcolm X Centre in St. Pauls, Gyptian took the time to come in and share some views and news on his growing career. It was during a busy Friday evening that the Reggae star made it down and joined presenter Mistri in the studio on the Cruising show. The interview went well, and the singer plus his entourage seemed to like the atmosphere down here at Ujima HQ. Noon Show presenter Maizee Maize also managed to catch Gyptian for an interview, as well as getting some recordings for jingles. You can pick up Gyptian’s latest album ‘Hold You’ out on VP Records in any good record store or online.

Fairtrade Fiesta

Ujima Radio newsletterBristol’s 2011 Fairtrade Fiesta was this year hosted in conjunction with Ujima Radio. The well attended event, held at the Malcolm X Centre, St Pauls, estimated between 60 and 70 people. Although not many products were bought from the stalls, people had the opportunity to sample a huge amount of food and drink. In addition everyone received information about Fairtrade and maybe learned something new during the evening. A number of young people also took part and loved the activities provided. To watch video clips of the event go to:

Hello’s and Goodbyes

Here at Ujima we are sad to have to say good bye to some familiar faces. Presenters Mandy Shute, Rev Palmer, D-Roll, Ramboy and Mike Wiley have all left us recently and we wish them all the best. On the plus side though, we are pleased to welcome new presenters Little Miss, Run Tings Crew and Fumi to the station, along with the re-appearance of some older faces in the shape of Elevater, Yung UK and Mac 3!

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