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St Paul’s Carnival News

The recent public meeting organised by the St Paul’s Carnival committee and held at the Malcolm X centre, was well attended by a mix and diverse members of the St Paul’s community. The committee’s decision to downscale the festival, and discontinue some of carnival’s greatest attributes such as ‘sound systems’ and ‘food stalls’ was not well received by the community, there were many questions raised but were left unanswered as a result of the passion and voices of the people.

Questions were also raised about why a community radio station (Ujima Radio) whose key committments are to the St Paul’s community are not continuously talking about this issue. The answer is that as a community radio license holder Ujima Radio has broadcast commitments to OFCOM to broadcast a fair, unbiased and balanced output to our community.

Last week, further to the Carnival meeting, several presenters covered this story and expressed their personal views and agenda on-air, after which we received several serious complaints which put our l risk.

We have therefore taken the decision to provide coverage of the carnival on selected shows to ensure no further breaches occur. In addition to this we have invited the chair and general manager of St Paul’s Carnival to the Outlook Show on Tuesday 13th 11am-1pm to answer any questions from listeners and community members. Prior to this interview questions can be sent to

At this moment, the future of the station is our priority. Ujima Radio CIC remain committed to covering important local stories and providing a platform for fair debate and dialogue to facilitate positive solutions.

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