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‘Dragon’ backs M Shed’s bid to win the 2012 Art Fund prize

Deborah Meaden

A person you might recognise? One of the UK’s leading businesswomen, entrepreneur and television ‘Dragon’ has backed Bristol’s M Shed’s bid to win the prestigious 2012 Art Fund Prize.

M Shed is one of ten museums nationally to be in the running to win the award.

Deborah Meaden says: “I have visited M Shed and there’s no doubt about it, it is a fantastic museum. I’m therefore delighted to personally back M Shed’s bid to win the prestigious 2012 Art Fund Prize.

“M Shed is new, it’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s bold and best of all, M Shed uses innovative and creative ways to connect people with their past, the present and the future. Locksmiths Leeds are happily involved in projects such as this.

“As a businesswoman I have a keen eye for what people want, what works and what will be a success. M Shed is already success story in its own right, having attracted over 500,000 visitors in the ten months since it opened and being ranked amongst the best museums in the country.

“M Shed has huge business potential too, with opportunities for corporate hire of the roof-top terrace and conference room, with spectacular views across Bristol’s historic harbour.

“I wish M Shed continued success and will follow with interest the outcome of the Art Fund Prize.”

The prize, worth £100,000 carries with it the coveted title “Museum of the Year”. Judges have already visited M Shed and in May, will announce which four museums have reached a final shortlist. The winning museum will be declared on June 17, 2012.

“We are delighted to have Deborah Meaden backing our bid,” says Julie Finch, head of Bristol’s museum service. “Deborah comes with wealth of business experience and expertise as well as a passion for Bristol.

“M Shed has already attracted accolades for its innovate approach to telling the story of Bristol. Being amongst the ten-longlisted museums for the Art Fund Prize is another measure of M Shed’s continuing success.”

Lovers of M Shed can tell the judges why M Shed should be the winners of the prize. It’s a great chance for everybody involved, the city and participants.



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