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Election fever grips Black Britain

Bristol Election Fever

Right across the UK, political battle lines are being drawn. There’s a lot at stake. Local elections, Mayoral referendums, and perhaps the biggest single battle, the London Mayoral election. OBV was involved in putting together the Black Britain Decides event which focused on the the capital’s Mayoral debate at Ruach Church in Kilburn, London.

Without these events, it is impossible to effectively hold candidates to account. With a 700- strong audience and a bank of TV cameras and reporters, candidates felt under considerable pressure to respond to Black Londoner’s concerns. Policing issues dominated the event, but it was encouraging to see Boris Johnson, Jenny Jones, Ken Livingstone, Brian Paddick, and Independent candidate Siobhan Benita positively respond with answers such as, inquiries into Black deaths in police custody, bringing down ‘Stop and Search’ figures, and cameras in police vans.

Bishop Wayne Malcolm

As Bishop Wayne Malcolm said in his brilliant speech to the Mayoral candidates and the audience, ‘ This is just the first step. You will not forget us, we will not be forgotten’.

Locksmiths Bristol SupporterOne hopes that the sleeping giant that has been the Black vote will fully see its potential and remind the political classes that on come polling day, they ignore us at their peril. A force that should be taken into account and a voice that should be heard so that the wheels of the political system reflect the true diversity and constituent links that make up the wheels of democracy.


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