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St. Paul’s Carnival News

In the Bristol St Paul’s Carnival Mix

“The whole Malcolm X stage in Bristol was paid for from music lovers / promoters pockets and all artists on the day played and gave their services for free, all sound systems and staging was donated for free….. These artists/sound systems/promoters included: Roni Size, Mala, Serial Killaz, Runtingz Cru, Aries, Jacky Murda, The DJ Producer, MC Ribbz, DIRT sound system, Unknown Sound system, Anticlone and loads more…..” Bristol people LOVE doing this – how can you justify preventing the community pulling together to celebrate in this way in favour of an expensive procession and thousands of pounds being spent on a Carnival Awards ceremony each year?

Chloe Fudge

As an African Caribbean arts charity the carnival has a commitment to having a majority board of Afro Caribbeans.  At this precise moment in time how is this policy reflected across your staffing structure, senior management team (freelancers or employed)?

How many of us can honestly say that even if Carnival had said last year, ‘help, we’re in crises, please donate’ it would have made a difference? Carnival has asked for donations for years, there used to be bucket collections and all people with unofficial stalls etc were asked to donate – it didn’t raise much. Leeds, Birmingham, Notting Hill have all been on early evening lock-down for years – it’s to the past and current committees’ credit that St Paul’s is the only Carnival that has managed to keep a late licence. Locksmiths Bristol did a roaring trade through the carnival weekend unlocking those who lost their keys…tut tut… Thanks for support from Ujima and all those involved.

Locksmiths Bristol

Shame – we don’t know what we’ve got til it’s gone 

  1. As per your trustees report dated 31st Oct, from when did you meet with the council and arts council and agree on downsizing the Carnival?
  2. As part of your financial forecasting, when did you become aware that a shortfall for 2012 was likely and what specific actions did you take from the end of Carnival 2011 to overcome the shortfall to find the necessary funds to put on the 2012 event e.g. did you hold any fundraisers, target new sponsors, reach out to local businesses, develop new proposals for new fundering or ask other 3rd sector organizations for help?
  3. In the spirit of openness and collaboration why have you refused to meet with us to discuss viable proposals to keep carnival intact and on the streets in 2012?
Team Soca

Given the way that you (St.Paul’s Carnival Committee) have treated the Bristol community and the uproar caused by your plans to downsize, do you think that this community can or should trust you and if so why? I am a costume maker, and at the meeting I recall you saying that Olympic costumes will be made. Can you say what the monetary value of this is to the Carnival and is it true that these costumes will be made in Luton and not Bristol?

Carnie Marks

turn it up

We are local Bristol business people and for many years we have contributed to the Carnival. Times are harder now and we are still happy to give something but we have not been approached for at least 3 years by the Carnival so we were so upset to hear that we have been holding back.  We would happily sell Carnival merchandise and buy the stock that’s left over.  Why has no one from the Carnival been into see us?

Kitties, Grosvernor Road. Bristol
Listen to the show again:

First part of the Show

Second part of the Show

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