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Art for Africa Charity Auction Kicks off Bristol’s Summer of Urban Art on May 12th


With over 70 pieces of work from many of Bristol’s best contemporary and acclaimed street artists will be going under the hammer later this month in order to raise money for one of the South West’s most dynamic charities.

The event, Art for Africa, will see 71 pieces up for auction, with contributions from renowned artists including Paris, Inkie, Xenz, Will Barass, Dicy, Mr. Riks and China Mike as well as live drawing on the night from Mr. Jago, FLX and Greg Minto. There will also be many more contributions from artists aligned with the event’s sponsors King of Paint, Weapon of Choice, Artel and Upfest.

With the Olympics and Arts Council offering up £250,000 for Bristol’s street artists to develop an area around Temple Meads, the auction will mark the start of the season for many of the major names involved. Pieces donated range from classical oil paintings to stencilled skate decks, alongside large contemporary canvases and screen prints, with estimated values ranging from £50 to £1200.

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All of the money raised goes directly to Bristol-based charity, Temwa, whose work helps build a sustainable future for the people of Malawi through community-based projects in health education, sustainable agriculture & forestry, schools support and skills training [1].

The event is Temwa’s biggest fundraiser along with its sister auction, The Contemporary Urban Art Auction at Paradise by Way of Kensal Green, London [2].

The event will feature Babyhead’s hilarious frontman Tom Mauger as the auctioneer and, after the final hammer slams, continue into the night with DJ’s and beat boxers [3].

Providing a chance to party with the biggest names on the Bristol art scene, take home their incredible work and raise money for Malawi. Contributors donate quality pieces without any cost to Temwa, including Mr. Jago who said, “You can see where all the money raised goes, directly to support projects in Malawi; it’s amazing to be involved with”.

And Felix Braun (FLX) a renowned street artist who has visited Usisya is an incredible advocate of Temwa’s work, after his visit he said “It was truly inspiring to witness the belief everyone had in the importance of the organisation. Be under no illusions: everything you do to support Temwa is making a huge difference to people in Malawi”.

Temwa’s art events have become quite established within the arban art community, Inkie has said, “having worked with Temwa over the last few years I have seen the dedication & passion they have for their work in Malawi. We work on the annual Urban Art Auction in London every year and it’s been a joy to work with them.”

The event opens at 6pm with the auction starting at 8pm; art will be wrapped upon sale so photographs should be taken before the auction commences. Many artists will be available for interview on the night and this can be confirmed beforehand. Live drawing on the night from well-known street artists Mr. Jago, FLX and Greg Minto, as well as renowned artist’s pieces under the hammer all evening.

[1] Temwa was founded in 2003 by Jo Hook and Sophie Elson. We aim to provide the resources needed to enhance the social capacity of the communities of Nkhata Bay North, a remote rural region of Northern Malawi. Currently our UK office focuses of fundraising and communications. Our fundraising events have strong Bristol community links and we have been supported by Bristol’s artists, musicians,actors, magicians and adventurers over the years. Our fundraising focus is to use the creativity, skills and good will of the Bristol community to support the development of the community in Nkhata Bay North. In this sense we aim to host fundraising events that provide a tangible link with the projects and communities that we raise funds for, we aim to partnership the community of the South West with that of Nkahat Bay North, Malawi.

[2] This is our 8th Bristol Art for Africa, we have had two Urban Art Auctions in London.

[3] The three beat boxers confirmed for the event are Minimus, S30 and Experimental, all are well-known throughout the Bristol music scene.

CONTACT: Sheena Wynne Temwa Communications Officer: 07787581702.

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: Before the event interviews are available with artists Mr.Jago and FLX, and with Temwa’s director Jo Hook.










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