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The last two weeks Deneshai Massias (15 old) and Mohamed Abdulle (15 old) from Bristol Brunel Accademy (BBA) and Jibran Mohammad (15 old) came to Ujima Radio for work experience.


The three young people felt immediately comfortable in the Radio Station.

About this job experience they say:

“In the past two weeks we have been at Ujima Radio 98FM for work experience.

We have learned a lot about the background of radio broadcasting. Since we been working at the radio station we’ve have learned how to record the news and also How to make CD’s/.

We had to record a advert for Ujima for a course that they was doing for young people over the summer. We also been interviewed by one of the presenters of our experience and the environment around here is really nice, everyone is very welcoming and helpful.

We hope when we come back we can get a placement”




In these two weeks they have providedgreat support to Ujima .


Ujima’s team wants to say thank for everything they have done for us.

We are glad that they have enjoyed this experience and hopefully come and visit us soon.

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