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Sound Reads@Ujima 98FM

Sound Reads @Ujima98fm is a simple idea and one you will want to be involved in. We want to promote Reading for Pleasure with a twist in our community. Let’s start reading groups to share our pleasure in reading, the books we have read and the books we want to read. Let’s discuss with others our reading journeys and how we became readers.

The twist is to uncover and make explicit some of the strategies we use automatically to help us become readers. These are the questions we ask ourselves when reading texts, the method we use if a word is unknown or hard to understand, how we use our previous knowledge to make sense of an unfamiliar text. Then let’s pledge to do this with partners, family, young people, friends, everybody.

Ujima 98FM Drop in/Reading Group at Ujima Studio 11:00-14:00


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