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12 Years a Slave @the Watershed

TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE‘Ujima Radio 98FM is proud to work in partnership with Bristol
Watershed Cinema who are
screening the film 12 Years a Slave. Based on the memoirs of a freeman
and violinist turned into a captured slave Solomon Northup, the film
depicts the brutality of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in America.

We see this film however harrowing, however uncomfortable due to
Bristol’s past relationship with the slave trade as an important
historical moment to be viewed, listened to, discussed, talked about,
and debated. Most importantly it should be shared amongst by all of
Bristol’s communities and the wider regions. This is so us all, young
and old, black & white can know more about both Bristol’s and our own
histories in line with our own broadcasting commitments to educate,
entertain and inform.


See the Q & A and Intro HERE:

Feel free to write, send a photo or short video capturing your thoughts
to me Roger Griffith, Chair of Ujima Radio CIC at
or via Twitter rogerg44 by using #12shed and join in the discussion of
the film that will bring controversy and awards as well as pain and

Roger Griffith
Chair of Ujima Radio CIC

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