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Mama Africa

mam africa

Ujima are proud to share the good work Rubba Stephenson with funding from the Arts Council has been doing to take the work of Black History Month even further. Mama Africa is a project developed to provide schools with a unique support package for Black History Month. BHM is often rolled out by schools without a real grounding in the richness of African History, and teachers tend to present the same package each year, often focusing on the prominent American Civil Rights figures or the general history of the slave trade.

Mama Africa seeks to provide a new way for schools to look at African History, through the arts, by providing a series of African Dance workshops married to a research project that looks at African History. The research project engages the children in a search for information and poetic expression about African History as well as about themselves as a modern individual. The dance workshops, presented by experienced practitioners, provide a fast track introduction to African Dance and Drumming and lead to a performance that links all the schools in the project.

We want this kind of learning to go beyond Black History Month, and approach it instead as Our History, seeing African History as the roots of all history, a common lineage that unites us all, rather than studying it as a segregated, once a year project. Visit the Mama Africa webpage for further information.

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