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International News: Abortion Shock Video

 Abortion Shock

A 25 year old woman Emily Letts, has provoked a great outrage of controversy after she recorded her “abortion” and then posted it online to YouTube


On the video she states and explains why she does not wish to have a child/children and that she is not ready for it

The 25 year old who works as an abortion counsellor is the filmed undergoing the procedure.

Before the video, Letts claims that she feels completely comfortable and that she is “supported by everybody “

The 3 minute video features her before, while going through the procedure and 6 weeks after the abortion

She says “I just want to share my story”abortion
And “I do not feel like a bad person”

Prolife campaigners have been outraged.

People have also been questioning the saying it’s a publicity stunt as she is apparently an aspiring actress

Others claim what she does has undermined women who do decide for an abortion but do not deal with their problems as well as she has, or go through the abortion quite as well as she has.


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