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Ujima radio and Fem FM supporting Bristol female talent in new joint initiative

Ujima radio and Fem FM supporting Bristol female talent in new joint initiative

A group of young women on a training course with St Pauls’ Ujima radio spent the day in London interviewing top radio personalities for new joint initiative. Radio interviews included gold Sony award winner and BBC radio producer Sue Clark; founder of ‘Sound Women and BBC radio executive producer for ten years Maria Williams; BBC1Xtra presenter Adele Roberts and renowned world music club and radio DJ legend DJ Ritu.

The training course is a joint initiative between Ujima and Fem FM to encourage new local female talent into the radio industry. Fem FM was the UK’s first women’s radio station that broadcast in Bristol in 1992. The founders (Trish Caverly and Caroline Mitchell) together with the Record Office launched an Archive of the entire station earlier this year. Trish Caverly, one of the founders of Fem FM and Project Manager on the Ujima/Fem FM training partnership said “To celebrate the launch of the Archive and as a legacy to Fem FM, we wanted to create more opportunities for women to develop radio skills as, despite some progress, women are still under represented in all aspects of radio production and management.

The training will culminate in an hour long live broadcast on 14th May, 11am, of the show ‘women on the waves’ on Ujima radio 98FM

Jasmine Ketibuah, one of the radio students said, “It is really hard to get opportunities like this. I thought that radio was something I’d never be able to do and now we have had the chance to meet and interview women at the top of their game. It has been really inspiring for us to make our dreams into reality, giving us the skills to pursue a career at the end of the course. Without this opportunity from Ujima and Fem FM we would still be listening to the radio wishing we could be on the other side. We have all grown in such a small space of time and have found a new confidence in ourselves. Bristol’s airwaves better watch out!”

The radio course was funded by Quartet and BCC


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