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Newsletter: Spring 2014

A little introduction from our new Broadcasting Manager Andrew “Dj Style” Hartley

I have been involved with projects and volunteer work in the local community for the past 20 years, engaging young people in various initiatives and activities.  I set up a community arts group (Real Deal Artists), with workshops throughout Bristol, dedicated to giving young people an insight into the Hip Hop culture.

I have also earned a reputation as an established Club and Radio DJ, staging my own nights and working on numerous radio stations (Power Jam, Respec FM, Bay FM in Cardiff, Unity FM Swindon & Kute FM).  Currently I am a presenter on BBC Radio Bristol as well as on Ujima.

During the summer I was involved in training young people how to present and broadcast on the youth radio station Big Tyme Radio.  I have also worked at CEED (Centre for Employment and Enterprise Development) Media Centre, teaching an OCN accredited Performance DJ course.

For the last five years I have been actively involved with Ujima through events, technical support, programming and by providing assistance to the volunteers here.

Now, as Broadcasting Manager, it has become my role to try to take the stage forward, by improving the output of the station and helping our presenters create great programmes for our listeners. We want to have a strong presence throughout the Bristol community and a radio station that the city can rely on for information and for support of the local talent.

The key to our success is building on our partnerships and recruiting future presenters who can take us forward, for another four years of great broadcasting and by providing a platform for people to succeed in the media industry.  Ujima faced its challenges this year,especially with the loss of our live broadcast for a week in March, but with the help of the public it became clear how vital the station is for the community and we were soon back on air.

We should feel proud of what we have achieved so far, many stations have folded in their first five years of broadcasting, but also we must not get complacent because there are going to be many challenges ahead. At the moment we are in a good place and moving in the right direction and i believe with the additional strength we get from our volunteers, who are the key to our success, we can be optimistic on what can be achieved in the future.

Well done to everyone involved in the station so far and to those who have participated, visited, made guest appearances, formed partnerships and those who have championed our cause. Without you there’s no Ujima! 

Let’s Keep on Movin’.


Fem FM and Ujima

After a year of preparations by over 200 volunteers, Fem Fm the first women’s radio station in the UK, broadcast its first show from the 8th – 15th March 1992.

It had a schedule packed with programmes made by women from Bristol and beyond.  There was a wide range of music, DJ’s, a daily arts magazine, programmes made by girls, documentaries, political debate, comedy and a multilingual Asian programme.

Women did every task: marketing, making jingles, management, design, fundraising and setting up the transmitter so the signal could be heard by everyone in Bristol.

In 2013, the Fem FM co-founders, audio producer Trish Caverly and media lecturer Caroline Mitchell, approached The Bristol Record Office to create a permanent Archive of the station and in March 8 th 2014, the Archive was launched at a widely attended event at the M Shed.

As a way to mark and celebrate the Archive launch, the founders of Fem Fm wanted to create further opportunities for women in broadcasting and approached Ujima Radio CIC with an idea for a training project. Funding was generously provided by the Quartet Foundation.

Trish Caverly, project director and lead trainer said: “ Fem Fm created opportunities to train over a hundred women and young girls in radio skills and so it seemed fitting to celebrate and mark the launch of the Archive, by continuing to create more opportunities for women to train in radio skills and be heard on air.  We also wanted to attract women who are underrepresented in mainstream and community radio, so partnering up with Ujima was a natural choice for us. “

The six week training, which started in April, will offer the trainees a grounding in radio programme production and they will all be matched with mentors to help further support their development in radio. The training will culminate with the students making a programme about the women who made Fem FM and how it influenced their media careers as well as women in broadcasting today.

Access the Archive:
  • Personal callers will be able to view the Fem  FM archive at Bristol Record Office, in the B Bond  Warehouse, Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN.
  • For visiting times visit
  • Later in the year the archive will be available online, please check “Students practising research skills” by Luz Gallardo


“Ujima Organ……….ising for Ade” campaign by Paulette North, Outlook Show presenter

Ujima wants to support Ade in obtaining 100 signatures for the Blood and Organ Donation Register.  So far We have signed up 50, with some big names like George Ferguson and the more people we get to sign up the more of a chance Ade has to survive.  It is a horrible fact but over 300 people die whilst on the register every year. Just waiting!

The emotive subject of death and people’s fears of talking about it must be brought into the open.  It may sound flippant – let’s just face it – but when we are gone we are gone, but our bits COULD live on in others.
Please talk to Ade or myself about this and sign on that dotted line!  It would be fab! Also have Ade on your show to talk about “our”, that’s “your” campaign.  I have broadcast two specials of one hour on the subject where Ade and “experts” have been interviewed.

Watch this space for details of more campaigning.  We had a meeting in Ujima on Monday 14 th April with Brett Sparkes – he is looking for a free space for the conference that we are currently organising.  Mick O’Sullivan is joining us on our steering group.  He has written a book about his experiences of his kidney transplant.  He is working on an alternative conference where we do not have to sit and listen all the time. Valentino and Ingrid are also on the steering group and are looking into funding bids.  If you wish to join us, just let Paulette or Ade know.  The next meeting is on Thursday 1 st May from 15:00pm to 17:00pm at Ujima Radio

Ade’s Story 

I started dialysis at the age of nine years old; I remembered being rushed to Middlesex Hospital from home after continuously vomiting.  All I remembered is that I had to go to the theatre to have a neck line inserted then straight on to dialysis; this was very daunting indeed!

I started dialysis in July 1984 and I had my first transplant in September 1984 which lasted two years.  My next good luck came in May 1987 when I had my second transplant, another cadaver donor who had a seizure and was 32 years of age.  This time the kidney managed to survive from May 1987 to October 2004
Since October 2004 the kidney showed signs of failure hence I had to go back onto dialysis .  I have been on this therapy treatment until today!

I am aiming to celebrate my 10 year anniversary of the treatment in October 2014 – hopefully I will still be alive!

Ade’s work record 2014:

  • Health and Wellbeing (St Werburgs Community Centre) Horley Road on Tuesday 4 February.
  • Invitation to “At Home with the Lady Mayoress” on Wednesday 5 March in the Mansion House.
  • The Promotion of World Kidney Day 13 March – Lord Mayor’s guest on Roger’s show (Ujima) on Monday 17 March , Aneesha Rashid, Mr Rashid and Tracey were guests on Sadia’s show (Ujima) on Tuesday 18 February, Maureen Rowland-Omandi and Joanne Seddon were guests on  Sangetta’s show (bcfm) on Tuesday 25 February and Sylvia Crump and Shahid Muhammad and myself were guests on Roger’s show (Ujima) on Monday 3 March.
  • Visit to the Bristol Hindu Temple on Sunday 16 March.
  • An Invitation to the Lord Mayor’s Blood Tour on Monday 17 March at HS Blood and Transplant, North Bristol Park, Northway, Filton.
  • Feeling Bristolian and Think Together on Tuesday 18 March in the Rose Green Centre, Bristol.
  • Bristol Hindu Temple, Rang De Holi on Saturday 22 March on Church Road,  Bristol.
  • Syria Fundraiser Appeal Charity Dinner on Sunday 23 March in the Bristol Hotel, Prince Street.
  • Civic Inter Faith Celebration 2014 on Thursday 27 March – “Learning to Live Together in Peace” in the City Hall, College Green, Bristol.
  • BCFM Wellbeing Show, guests were Shahid Muhammad and Amanda Henman on Tuesday 15 April to also promote The Mall Event in Cribbs Causeway on Saturday 10 May.
These events have been in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant, Bristol Multifaith Forum, Bristol City Council, Voscur, Renal Patient Support Group (facebook page), Bristol Hindu Temple.
Ujima Operations Team contact details are:
  • Dick North (Finance Manager) : 07973 800 778
  • Remi Tawose (Sales & Marketing Manager) : 07938 930 988
  • Andrew “DJ Style” Hartley (Broadcast Manager) : 07866 417 114
  • Michael Noyce “Efftup” (Technical Advisor/Support) : 07905 021 327
  • Ade Olaitan (Administrator/Joint Campaign Co-ordinator) : 07967 353 716
  • Office: 0117 924 7715
  • Studio: 0117 942 8313
  • Textline: 07960 240198
  • General enquiries:
  • Studio enquiries:
Our mailing address is:
Ujima Radio CIC
97-107 Wilder Street St Paul’s
Bristol, England BS2 8QU
United Kingdom

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