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Ujima Radio are delighted to be broadcasting live once again with BCFM & BBC Bristol during this year St Pauls Carnivals.

Last year’s simulcast was a historic moment for all three radio station,  with the BBC Bristol joining us for  1 hour period, and BCFM & Ujima broadcasting live for the remaining 9 hours, this was amongst one of the highlights from The One Love stage.

Even without the presence of The One Love Stage  this year we will still be capturing all the atmosphere and the energy throughout of the day, from the procession ,  speaking to locals, those visiting Bristol and some of the people helping behind the scenes.

Fresh back from their trip to Brazil during The World Cup 2014, The One Love Team was able to do some interviews and will be featuring some of the reports & clips during there stay.

Pat Hart, BCFM, says: “BCFM Radio are again excited to be working alongside the BBC and our cousins at Ujima to bring the flavour and excitement of carnival to those that can’t attend. It’s so pleasing that our different organisations can work in partnership for the benefit of our listeners and the wider community.”


Ujima Radio’s DJ Style says: “St Paul’s Carnival is one of the biggest events in the Bristol calendar, and having grown up going to carnival, it’s great to still be involved with it. Carnival tradition goes back many years with the early Caribbean settlers, and Ujima feels proud to continue to promote that tradition.

Editor of BBC Radio Bristol, Tim Pemberton, says: “St Pauls Carnival is a much-loved day in the Bristol calendar. It celebrates our African and Caribbean heritage with passion and pride. The theme of carnival this year is ‘Home’ and by joining with our community stations BCFM and Ujima Radio, we are providing a flavour of carnival to those who are listening at home, or out and about elsewhere.


So be sure to join us on Saturday 5th July 2014 from 12 noon till 2pm outside of Circomedia as we capture the flavour of this year’s St Pauls Carnival.

Listen to the broadcast on Ujima Radio on 98FM BBC Radio Bristol 94.9FM, 104.6FM, DAB or online at, BCFM on 93.2FM and at, 12noon-2.00pm, and on BBC iPlayer for the following seven days.


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