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6 Years of Ujima Radio

*Existence is SUCCESS!! Ujima Radio 6 Years on*

‚ÄčThe word Ujima (Swahili for Collaborative Responsibility) has truly lived
up to its meaning.

6-years of Ujima Radio proves that the station has successfully maintained
a very reliable and dedicated volunteer base, which has been the main core
of its success to date.

Ujima Radio CIC was formed in 2010 as a Social Enterprise with a key Ethos
to provide the Community that we serve with Training, Broadcasting and
Encouragement to local enterprises.

Our on-air broadcast has successfully maintained a reputable speech based
daytime programmes designed to highlight the key and current issues that
affects our immediate and wider community.

With the recent appointment of a Broadcast Manager and an External
Relations Manager, our internal team is growing bigger and stronger by day.
We will endeavour to maintain this strength in years to come.

Ujima Radio CIC would like to thank our volunteers and listeners for your
efforts and invaluable support that have enabled us to remain Bristol’s
number 1 urban radio station.

To still exist in the most difficult economic climate and the various
obstacles that we have overcome, is not just a huge achievement but a

We thank you for your ongoing support and we will Keep On Moving!!!

Kevin Philemon

Founder / Director

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