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Cities of Service

Last week Kizzy Morrell invited Dominic Murphy and Michael Drake onto Ujima to talk about a new initiative called The Cities of Service. And over the coming weeks Ujima will be celebrating all things great about volunteering including hearing the real stories from the community activists and change makers past and present on why they volunteer.


Cities of Service are a coalition of nearly 200 cities whose mayors are committed to using volunteer service to solve local pressing challenges. Many cities hire chief service officers to drive and increase the reach and impact of their efforts. From helping to decrease school dropout rates to increasing energy efficiency in city buildings, coalition members work together, learn from each other, establish and replicate best practices to improve lives in their cities, across the United States, and around the world.
As a laboratory of change, Bristol has joined this global collation for positive change and over the next 2 years Bristol will be part of the Cities of Service. This programme will redefine the meaning of volunteering, spotlight exemplar projects, celebrate grass root change makers and provide inspiring opportunities for EVERYONE to make Bristol a much better city to live, work and play in.
Led by, the Chief Services Officer, Dominic Murphy, the Cities of Service will be making the Bristol Green Capital 2015 a major focus for next year. This will involve the piloting a series of smaller scale projects such as a reading programme for Primary school children and addressing isolation amongst older residents before expanding these and a range of other projects across the city.
Throughout the rest of October, tune in to hear the amazing and inspiring stories of the Change makers, trailblazers and community activists who through volunteering have made a positive difference to everyday life across the city including
1.Roy Hackett Sealy – bus boycott activists and carnival founders.
2.Peaches Golding – Former High Sheriff
3.Grace Moyle – Young Volunteer of the year
4.Radio presenters from BCfm & Ujima Radio
5.Karl Brown President of Bristol Junior Chambers
6.Poku – Voscur Trustee
7.City Mayor – George Ferguson




Find out more about Cities of Service and volunteering in Bristol PLUS short speeches and refreshments….and still have Friday evening free!!!





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