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Rise Celebration Sat 1st November @ The Paintworks


Globally, people of color are attracting the attention of the world at large and are seen as a potential growth area for big business especially as consumers.

With the mission statement taken from Maya Angelou’s poem I Rise, a seedling was planted last year with a small  group of women of colour who have lived most of their lives or, all of their lives here in Bristol.




Although we are seeing a growing economy in Bristol, there is still not the mass exposure or reflection of the skills and talent of  people of colour in the mainstream.


The aim of RISE ( a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION ) is to provide a platform to showcase the entrepreneurial talents and skills of women and men of colour from Bristol.


 Following on from the success of our last year we are happy to present our next event at The Events Space, The Paintworks, Bath Road, bristol on Sat 1st November 2014. 11.00am – 10pm.


The day will begin with a libation of drummers honoring of the ancestral path which then will be  opened by Councilor Alistair Watson.


Throughout the day, stalls will be displaying everything from local art, florist’s, jewelry, food, bakes, promotional information and more.


There will be a Kiddies Kultural Krech set up to entertain and educate youngsters on black history in a light way ,as part of showing the integrated communities of Bristol as well as a  bouncy castle with food venders .


To date, a host of talent will be spearheaded by local Bristol Voice, Celestine as well as local historian Dr. Edson burton.


Tanteddy, a local folklore Jamaican singing group will be performing as well as a fashion show put on as part of diversity in design.


Speakers corner is just that. To help raise awareness of  talent by creating vision as role models in the community.  This will be a big part of the event which focuses on raising awareness of the skills and talents of young and old in the ethnic quarters of Bristol with the intention of having role models talk about their experiences through their journey to success.


The objective is to invite people to experience the objective of RISE as a way of learning from and engaging in social and economical enterprise in the communities of Easton, St. Pauls, Montpelier, and surrounding areas to help the integration of people of colour in a positive way into mainstream Bristol by recognizing the talent enabling an opening for people who for whatever reason, have not been able to move forward with positive goals or ideas of a chosen profession.


Please can you help to promote this event by advertising it on your calender as part of the bristol Black history month which is, an international annual event.


If you require further information please contact Sandra Gordon 07799331109,


Lynn Mareno 07778932516 or Nia 07780673336 or email us on







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