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Historic Comet Landing

The robot probe Philae that made a historic comet landing is now stable after initially failing to attach to the surface, and is sending pictures.

Engineers say it may have bounced hundreds of metres back off the comet after first contact, before finally settling down.

It is hoped Philae can gain insights into the origins of our Solar System.

It has already sent back the first images ever taken on the surface of a comet.


                          A brand new image shows the view from the Philae lander of the surface of the comet

They indicate that the lander is sitting at an angle – perhaps on a slope, or maybe even on its side. But the team is continuing to receive “great data” from Philae.



                                   Signals from the landing are still being analysed-

–                                but this is the team’s current best guess at how events unfolded

The robot probe, the size of a washing machine, was dropped from the satellite on Wednesday and spent seven hours travelling down to the icy body.

News of the “first” landing was confirmed at about 16:05 GMT.

Source: BBC News website

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