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The Bigga Business Takeover – Grab a share of £25,000


  • Are you young, gifted and entrepreneurial?
  • Do you have a business idea you wanna pursue?
  • Do you already have a business you want to grow?
  • Are you an aspiring young business mind that wants to know how to get their hands on up to £10,000 to help support their ambitions?



University fees and youth unemployment is on the raise, so for many of today’s young aspiring talent, going to University or getting a job is not an option. In spite of the doom and gloom trotted out by the right wing press, there appears to a spark of light at the end of the tunnel. The latest research shows that more than ever before that young people are opting with their hearts and minds to follow their passions by taking a huge leap of faith to set up their own businesses.

But what’s it like setting up your own business, especially when your live experience is so limited. Is this a positive or a minus? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Where to go for sound advice?


Well if you’re young gifted and entrepreneurial Ujima recently teamed up with Bigga Fish to host Bristol’s very first Bigga Business Takeover. Hosted by Nii Sackey (Bigga Fish CEO) and Shanai Newman, and with the help from successful and aspiring young entrepreneur, this 1 hour program cut through the waffle to give top insider tips and advice on how to go about setting up your business from scratch, how to grow your business and where to go to get funding for your ideas. Friends and expert guests who’ve been there and done it included:

  • Vincent Baidoo (South Blessed)
  • Princess Nyah (Artists & Business owner)
  • And Maizee Maize. (Youth Worker & Business Owner
  • Cherelle (ACE & D-git Productions)
  • Ryan Francis (Film Maker)


 So if you’re young, gifted and entrepreneurial or just curious click here to listen to The Bigga Business Takeover.  And for more info on how to get your hands on up to £25,000 goto

Good Luck!!!




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