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United Against Ebola: Cultural Presentation & Dance

EBOLA CONCERT FLYERThe media is highlighting the plight of the people of West Africa where the Ebola virus is having a devastating effect on the residents of towns and villages that are still suffering the aftermath of a highly destructive civil war in which hospitals and schools were key targets.

From the confusion of the information that is being circulated, comes what seems like a real truth that there is a massive need to make the medical facilities as clean as possible for as long as possible to be able to ensure that patients are treated in the safest and most effective manner.


,We are inviting cultural groups to bring a presentation of their culture and art to share with the wider community, developing the appreciation of diverse cultures in the community (especially among young people) and to build relationships among the various cultural groups that will strengthen the organisations in the city and provide the backdrop to future collective action.

Hence BSL (Bristol Sankofa Link) has initiated this action, our first fund raising event.

The event that will take place on Friday, December 12th at the Malcolm X Centre, starting @ 8.00pm –


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