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Apply for BBC Expert Voices, BAME Talents Days

*Do you want to share your expertise and knowledge by appearing on television and radio?

*Are you from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background?

If so read on……………………………

The BBC Academy is holding a series of free introductions to the world of broadcasting to help BAME men and women feel comfortable appearing on television, radio and online as expert contributors or presenters.

These events will help boost the diversity of experts in the media and follow the acclaimed Expert Women campaign which ran in 2013.

The days will offer a range of practical media experiences, including sessions on camera and in a radio studio as well as masterclasses and networking with experienced programme makers and industry leaders.

We are running five days across the country.  Applications are currently open for our events in Bristol, Salford and Glasgow and details of how to apply are below.

Event: Expert Voices: BAME Talent Day Bristol

Location: BBC Bristol, Broadcasting House, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LR

Date: Thursday 29th January 2015


Event: Expert Voices: BAME Talent Day Salford

Location: Media City UK, Salford M50 2EQ

Date: Thursday 26th February 2015


Event: Expert Voices: BAME Talent Day Glasgow

Location: BBC Scotland, 40 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1DA

Date: Thursday


What we are looking for

We’re looking for recognised experts. What do we mean by expert? An expert could have:

  • Industry recognised expertise or the recognition of others in their field
  • A recognised qualification
  • Considerable experience in their field of work
  • Published academic papers or books

If you’re an expert and can talk about your particular field knowledgably, with enthusiasm, authority and passion – then we are looking for you.


Subject areas: Bristol

We’re looking for people who are experts in the subject areas below:

Antiques / Fine Art – do you know your Ming from your Meissen? Do you collect, buy or sell desirable decorative items or advise other collectors?

Gardening and Horticulture – are you a garden designer, a landscaper or a botanist? Are you passionate about shaping and beautifying the natural world?

Rural Affairs – do you have specialist knowledge of farming, food production or rural issues?

Conservation and Environment – are you an expert on alternative forms of power or preserving the natural world?

Natural History – are you a zoologist, anthropologist, geologist or biologist? Can you communicate about animal or human behaviours or the physical forces which formed the world?

Food and Nutrition – are you a chef or cook? Can you prepare delicious food or talk about what we eat?


Subject areas: Salford

We’re looking for people who are experts in the subject areas below:

History – the Tudors, the First World War, the ancient world or modern Britain, which periods are you passionate about? Are you an academic, custodian, auctioneer or museum curator?

Science / Health – are you medically qualified?

Sport – do you coach, play or comment on football, athletics or other sport?

Business, Economics and Consumer Finance – can you demystify the world of business, from global finance to kitchen table start-ups? Or are you a consumer finance specialist who can talk knowledgeably about everything from mortgages to pay day lenders?

Arts – is your expertise in the visual arts, popular entertainment or literature?

Children’s Broadcasting – are you a specialist in history, science, coding, zoology, agriculture, medicine or technology and can you communicate these subjects to a young audience?


Subject areas: Glasgow

We’re looking for people who are experts in the subject areas below:

Arts – is your expertise in the visual arts, textiles, popular entertainment or literature?

Medicine – are you medically qualified or a medical practitioner?

Science – do you have expertise in a subject – from forensics to biology – recognised in the academic, research or commercial world?

Community Affairs – can you talk knowledgeably about local government, education or social policy?

Law and Justice – do you have a legal qualification and can you communicate clearly about legal affairs?

Children’s broadcasting – are you a specialist in history, science, coding, zoology, agriculture, medicine or technology and can you communicate these subjects to a young audience?


How to apply

You will need to send us your CV and a short film of no more than two minutes duration. The film should be very straightforward – and can be as simple as a friend recording you on a smartphone.

The film should consist of you talking to camera:

a)     Give your name and job title at the start, explain your job in layman’s terms and talk briefly about what you do.

b)     Relate a story, within your area of expertise, that you want to tell and think the general public would find interesting.

The film should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo or similar so that we can view it.


Making your short film
1. We are looking for people who can really bring their subject to life in a way that would appeal to a broad audience.

2. Keep a mainstream audience in mind and avoid complicated terminology.

3. Convey your enthusiasm and passion for your subject.

4. Don’t worry about producing a super slick film; smartphone quality is ideal. Just keep it simple – we aren’t evaluating your camera skills. The most important thing is that we can see and hear you clearly.


Closing dates 
The closing date for Bristol applications is 23:59 on Sunday 11 January 2015.

The closing date for Salford applications is 23:59 on Thursday 29 January 2015.

The closing date for Glasgow applications is 23:59 on Thursday 12 February 2015.

Please only apply if you are able to attend the event on the day at the location specified.


So we can see your film
A straightforward way to get your clip to us is to set up a YouTube account, and upload your short film there. You will need a Gmail email account in order to set up a YouTube account. (Please note that YouTube and Gmail are separate third parties that are not affiliated to the BBC.  You will therefore be subject to their third party terms and conditions.)

Once you have set your YouTube account up, please check your settings. You must change your YouTube default setting from private to ‘unlisted’.

The privacy settings on your entry videos must be set as ‘unlisted’ in order for us to view your films.

Please could you name your clip in the following format:

Firstname surname expertise 

If you choose not to upload your film to YouTube you will need to burn it onto a CD or DVD and post it to Expert Voices, BBC Academy, College of Production, BC2C1, Broadcast Centre, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TP. Your parcel will need to arrive at the BBC by the closing date. We will not be able to return any CDs or other materials to you.


Application Checklist
Please send an email containing the following:

1. Personal details

a)     Name

b)     Category (e.g. Antiques / Fine Art, Gardening and Horticulture, Rural Affairs, Conservation and Environment, Natural History, Food and Nutrition)

c)     Mobile phone number

d)     Email address

e)     Job title – in layman’s terms, clarify what your job involves

f)      Details of your ethnic group (please identify yourself against the Office for National Statistics categories listed on the ONS website).


2.  A link to a film of you talking to camera about you, your area of expertise and a story/issue that you feel needs to be told.


3.  One written paragraph explaining the story/issue you have chosen to talk about. Why does this story need airtime? Why you are passionate about it? (250 words maximum.)


4.  Your biography – 2 paragraphs maximum (in WORD format only)


5.  A high resolution photo of yourself


6.  Your CV as an attachment. Please name your CV file in the following format: First name surname CV


7.  The following paragraph, deleted as applicable (see Privacy Policy, below)

do  / don’t give my permission to be informed if the BBC Academy holds further masterclasses.

do  / don’t give the BBC Academy my permission to share my details with other producers or broadcasters.

do  / don’t give my permission to the BBC Academy to include my video in an Expert Voices YouTube channel and playlist.


8.  The name and contact details for someone from whom we can take a reference for you.


All to be emailed to the relevant email address…

Bristol:; Salford:; Glasgow:



How we will choose the delegates for this event
A panel of experts from the BBC Academy and the wider BBC will view all the material submitted and will select up to 30 delegates, plus up-to five for a waiting-list, based on the following criteria:

  • Passion for your chosen subject
  • Communication skills
  • USP as an expert in your field
  • Your potential as on screen/on mic talent
  • Relevance and audience awareness

The judges’ decision will be final and we will not be able to give you individual feedback or enter into any correspondence. We will take up references before confirming the final delegates and the people on the waiting list.


Privacy Policy (see application checklist)

  • We would like to add you to our mailing list so that we could contact you about future BBC events. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree to this in your application.

  • We will also make your contact details and your clip available to producers across the industry who may contact you. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree to this in your application.
  • We plan to include clips on a BBC Expert Voices YouTube Channel. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree to this in your application.

We will store your information for 12 months, after which it will be securely deleted from our systems.



Further events

LONDON: Thursday 9 October 2014 – APPLICATIONS CLOSED


BRISTOL: Thursday 29 January 2015 – APPLICATIONS OPEN

SALFORD: Thursday 26 February 2015 – APPLICATIONS OPEN

GLASGOW: Thursday 12 March 2015 – APPLICATIONS OPEN



  • Please only apply if you are able to attend: BBC Bristol on 29 January 2015, BBC Salford 26 February 2015, BBC Glasgow on 12 March 2015.
  • Please note that the BBC is unable to refund any expenses incurred in applying for, or attending, the event day.
  • The scheme is aimed at people who live and/or work in the UK
  • You must be 18 or over to apply


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