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Quit Smoking with Smokefree Southmead

Smokefree Poster

Bristol City Council have launched a new campaign to help people quit smoking. Smokefree Southmead aims to help people kick the habit for good by putting them in touch with local people who have already given up.

The campaign has two parts, a marketing campaign on the theme of ‘One Reason’ which tells the stories of three local people who have quit smoking and what their ‘One Reason’ was to quit and a new team of Neighbourhood Quit Smoking Ambassadors who will be out on the streets asking people what their ‘One Reason’ would be to quit and giving out themed posters, postcards and leaflets.

One of the people featured on the posters, which will run on billboards and bus stops for the next six months, is Yvonne Lindo who gave up smoking a year ago in her mid-50s. She had smoked for 40 years.

Yvonne’s ‘One Reason’ to quit is her grandchild and wanting to be around to see her grow up. Also, the three-year-old was pretending to smoke like her. Yvonne used the help of the smoking clinic at Southmead’s Greenway Health Centre to stop. There she attended fortnightly one-to-one meetings and used a prescription patch and inhaler to help her give up. The course of treatment took about six weeks and she has not looked back.

Yvonne says: “I now feel a lot healthier and find other ways to deal with stress. I’ve realised now that smoking didn’t help with that anyway. I’ve persuaded a cousin to give the treatment a go too.”

Ujima caught up with Assistant Mayor for Public Health Daniella Radice to find out more about the scheme.

For more information about quitting smoking, you can call 01179222255, text READY to 80011 or click here to visit the website.

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