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Social Enterprise Works free training opportunity

If you are an established social enterprise delivering services that meet the needs of Bristol’s disadvantaged communities or based in one, you may be eligible to access 3 FREE workshops from the 6 options available between now and March 2015.

Six brilliant workshops – Choose three that are right for you!

Branding and messaging workshop
 Through discussion and a series of exercises, this workshop will help you to understand how to use your brand & your messaging to promote your business, how to create a brand with a lasting impact, and how to best reach your target audience.


Intro to procurement and commissioning
This course will cover the essentials which every organisation who would like to bid for public sector contracts needs to know, from regulatory frameworks through to the implications of Social Value, and the use of e-procurement portals.


Sustainable Business Modelling
Are you generating the income you need? Are you making the most of your resources? This fantastic training will give you the tools to design and test potential business models.

Social Investment
How can your organisation use social investment? This workshop will cover the types of social investment available, which product is right for what activity, what your organisation needs to consider as part of a decision making process and what investors are looking for.


Successful crowdfunding is an art and requires close communication with your community, something social enterprises excel at!
Could this be the way forward for investment in social innovation? Come along to this great talk to find out more.


Theory of Change
Take a look at the fundamentals of impact measurement & how it can benefit your organisation internally as well as providing valuable evidence for funders & commissioners of your service

Are you eligible?

Our comprehensive programme of workshops and networking opportunities is delivered by our team of expert advisers and trainers. You must be a formal social enterprise ie: a company or co-operative rather than a sole trader, based in or with a director living in eligible areas of Bristol, with a main contact who is a woman, or is disabled, or is BAME (black, asian or minority ethnic) or is under 25 or over 50 years of age.  You can also be eligible if providing services to disadvantaged areas and communities of Bristol but not actually based in those areas.

Does this apply to you?  You may be eligible to access 3 FREE workshops from the 6 options available until March 2015.

To apply contact Hope:

This support is ERDF funded and we will check that your location is eligible.


Available Dates



28th January 2015

Branding and Messaging workshop

12th February 2015

Theory of Change

25th February 2015

Intro to Procurement and Commissioning

12th March 2015

Social Investment

25th March 2015


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