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#SOS UJIMA RADIO: The Voice of the City!

This week our Shout Out goes to Ujima Radio. Based in the heart of Bristol Ujima Radio has built up a reputation of being the true voice of the community. Putting on regular events supporting a number of great causes and providing a platform thus breaking some of bristol’s biggest musical acts Ujima demonstrates its importance within the Bristol community.



Always celebrating diversity, history and culture Ujima Radio provides the city of Bristol with great local & national music alongside thought provoking conversation. Ujima Radio has also teamed up with BCFM for the One Love Breakfast Show.


With a key understanding that the youths are the future the Ujima Radio doors are always open for those who wish to gain experience within the radio broadcast and media field. Well done to the management, presenters and volunteers who all work hard to make the station a success!



Taken from Mogul Minded Group Website

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