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St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival Presents:

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Carnival Time Again / We Deh Ya from SP Afrikan Caribbean Carnival on Vimeo.

Reggae – Dubstep – Hip Hop – Bristol Sound with Steel Pan. This track is a heart felt track created as a charity single and in tribute to the founders of the St Pauls Festival and also the ‘Windrush Generation’ who were invited over from the Caribbean from the 1940s, to help rebuild post war Britain. Produced by Kilaze (Amillion Mindz) and featuring Bristol based talents Blackout JA, Kilaze, Norris B, Linda B, Painchild and Ashante and with backing vocals from Mike Wiley and Steel Pan from veteran pan player Michael ‘Bubbles’ Olivier. This track seeks to raise much needed funds for the St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival, as well as also act as an educative tool.
The video features original footage from the 1968 Festival as well as festival founders Mr Albert Stewart and Mrs Barbara Dettering. Haunting costumes worn by 1940s models in video thumbnail depict Hummingbirds / riot shields and were created by Marlon Griffith for An Indoor Carnival at Tate Modern last year. Some peoples of the Caribbean (particularly Amerindians) believe that hummingbirds are the spirits of departed loved ones. With that in mind may we call upon the love and spirit of the ‘Windrush Generation’. Those pioneers and migrants who were invited over in the 1940s to assist in the rebuilding of post war Britain hailed as ‘the mother country.’ Please download the anthem and support your Carnival.
We wish to thank sponsors Recreo Clothing and Quartet Community Foundation, without whom we could not have completed this project.

Since a crisis in 2012 when the now nearly 50 year old Festival/Carnival was cancelled due to lack of funds, the Carnival team have and are working hard to keep the event going but they need your support. Download the track and make your pledge today.


You can make a £5 donation to St Pauls Carnival by texting ‘CARN45 £5’ to 70070.
You can make a £15 donation to St Pauls Carnival by texting ‘CARN45 £15’ to 70070.
You can choose the exact amount you want to donate just by texting ‘CARN45’ and the amount you wish to donate to 70070.
The text message is free and will not come out of your inclusive messages. St Pauls Carnival (registered charity 1136561) will receive all of your text donation. Please make sure that you have the bill payer’s permission before making this donation.

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