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Absence of Ruins There Will be Innovation

Libita Clayton, artist and BEEF member, will host an alternative and playful panel discussion around the narrative of Black History Month as part of the Bristol and Bath Art Weekender. The event will be broadcast as a live podcast: feel free to listen or be heard. Just buzz in and join us on the top floor of BEEF HQ for a surprising aural experience.

“… NOT a community radio station but a privately owned music enterprise which likes to help out in the community.” Black FM, 1989.

I am a visual artist based in Bristol, currently co-producing an event at The Arnolfini next month titled; in the Absence of RuinsThere Will be Innovation. This has come out of a work I created last October titled; BS2;RESIST & REVOLT, BLACK HISTORY – LIVE TRANSMISSION.


This was inspired by my studio location at Portland Square, and the DIY pirate radio scene that came out of it in the 80’s&90’s. For 1 day I converted my studio into a radio station and invited people to come through and talk about St.Pauls from the historical perspective of the African-Carribbean community. It was part of Black History Month & Bristol The Art Weekender, which threw up some interesting conversations. The obvious being an absence of presence, and a presence of absence.


Skip forward 3months, and the project is going into it’s next stage of life; //A/RTW/I .  An opportunity to present a group of small conversations in a live situation over the space of 3 hours, all addressing marginalised voices and absent archives. It is in response to the show opening at The Arnolfini tonight, John Akromfah’s; Vertigo Sea > the culture and innovation surrounding the Black Audio Film Collective. Contributors to //A/RTW/I are asked to address themes of memory, cultural, ethnic and personal identity, migration, post-colonialism and temporality.

Follow the link for the event itself, taking place on Sunday 21st February 2-5pm: In the Absense of Ruins


A link to an audio work that inspires this project >

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