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Malcolm X future looking bleak

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This week Bristol City Council announced that they’re looking for a new management team to take over the running of the Malcolm X Centre and have given the current management team until the end of February to quit the building.  With this new breaking recently, over the coming weeks Ujima Radio will be exploring what this decision means to the African Caribbean at large and the wider communities of Bristol.

To get a feel for what’s really going on, we’ll be speaking with the management committee, people who use the centre, leading activists and the decision makers at the Council.

By any means necessary, to take part in this important debate text the key word MX to 07980240198, email or tweet @ujimaradio to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns.

  • Do you think the Council are right or wrong?
  • What would you like to see happen with the centre?
  • What questions do you want answers to?

In 2015 Ujima celebrated Malcolm X’s life with a series of events across the year. This included teaming up with the Festival of Ideas to celebrate what would have been his 90th birthday by giving away 90 copies of his auto biography. We also teamed up with BBC Bristol and BCfm to do a live broadcast from the Malcolm X Centre which looked at the legacy and impact of his work. And as part of celebrating what was his the 50th anniversary of his death we teamed up with the Bristol old Vic to curate 50 Voices For Malcolm X, three nights of inspiring performances, poetry, dance and film and story-telling from community activists.


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