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Made in ST PAULS Bristol; Thu 18th Feb

Afrika Eye & BFI present Made In St Pauls. Films set around St Pauls’ Carnival.

1. ‘Celebrate What?’, looks behind the first St Paul’s Carnival at the plight of new migrants. Producer/Director: Colin Thomas, BBC 1968 (25 min)

2. ‘A Day to Remember’, uses Carnival to reflect on the St Paul’s ‘uprising’ of 1980. Producers:David Parker & Hamish Beeston, Director:Rob Mitchell, Available Light BBC, 2000 (29 min)

3. ‘Carnival Controversy’ asks about the challenges Carnival faced in 2007, at almost 40 years old. Producer/Director: Clayton Planter, Clayboy Productions, 2007 (22 min)

Followed by conversation and an open bar.

made in bristol _ st pauls


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