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MILES AHEAD at Watershed; Fri 13 – Thu 19 May

MILES AHEAD at Watershed

Fri 13 – Thu 19 May

Don Cheadle makes a bold step into writer-director territory with this wildly entertaining, impressionistic, no-holds-barred biographical drama about the legendary composer, band-leader and jazz musician Miles Davis. Also starring Cheadle in the lead role, the film focuses on a reclusive period of Davis’s life in the late 70s, when he was in a creative hiatus and hooked on cocaine.
It’s during this period that he hooks up with a dodgy music reporter (Ewan McGregor) and they become embroiled in a mission to retrieve the master tapes of Davis’ new album from a record executive. It’s a mission that will involve shootouts, car chases, and a tale of lost love. Cheadle hits the high notes as Davis in full on 70s regalia, and his unlikely friendship with McGregor’s reporter adds a smack of humour as they find themselves fumbling their way through a series of unexpected hi-jinx. Jazz composer Robert Glasper’s original score is smoothly intertwined with Davis’ recordings from the period, and the sets, costumes and cinematography all add up to a singular, intoxicating viewing experience.

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