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Situations Treebank Memories

Following the success of Ujima partnership work on Theaster Gates’ Sanctum, Ujima Radio is proud to team up with the Situations team again.


Artist Katie Paterson in collaboration with Zeller & Moye has gathered 10,000 tree species spanning time and space for Hollow. A new public artwork for Bristol, commissioned by the University of Bristol.


The work will invite you to step inside a structure that is made of thousands of unique samples of tree species, sourced from every country across the world, from fossilized trees from the earliest forests that emerged over 390 million years ago to the most recent emergent species. Within Hollow you will discover the story of the planet.

Interior of Hollow, Katie Paterson and Zeller & Moye. Courtesy of Situations and the University of Bristol. Photo: Max McClure


To accompany Hollow, Situations, in association with BBC Get Creative, are asking you to help build Treebank by contributing images, voices and films. These might include a rare or ancient tree or a common, but personally significant tree. These memories might take us to points of origin or points of discovery, might reveal world events or daily lives. Record your impression, through storytelling, images or writing, and save to Treebank forever. Contribute your memories at


In response to this Ujima’s Roger Griffith AKA The G-Man will broadcast a special audio response to the exhibition by collecting memories of people who have settled in Bristol of their favourite tree from their homeland, alongside some great musical tree recording from Bob Marley to Kendrick Lamar. He also visits investigates unusual trees the Solar Energy Tree in Bristol, plus Roger will perform a specially commissioned reading about the personal significance of trees in the Deep-South during the civil-rights era.


This initiative forms part of our Green and Black initiative to promote diverse voices within the environmental and sustainable agenda.

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