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Spirini T&C

Find the Golden Lamp!

Spirini is now one month old! We’ve been a busy bunch – bringing you the best and newest offers in Bristol, burying treasure across the city and finding out what makes you glad all over. Whew!

But we’ve got a bit more magic up our sleeves. As a big thank you to Bristol for being so welcoming, we’re giving away £2000 from the 11th August over the course of four days. Yup, £2000! With £1000 for you, and £1000 for your favourite Bristol based charity.

The £1000 will be released in bitesize giveaways  and will be a different amount each day. It might be £50 one day – it might be £500 the next! You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled…

How do I win?

  1. Download the App and start using Spirini. Available for free in the Apple & Play Store now!


  1. Once downloaded, keep your eyes peeled for the genie promotion which will tell you how to redeem. It will be released at different times each day.
  2. Whoever finds the genie first will receive the value for that day and can nominate their favourite Bristol charity to receive the same amount.

You’re going to have to be quick, so make sure you’ve got the app downloaded and ready to go and keep checking the app from the 11th. We’ll also be posting updates on our social channels so make sure to follow us for more details.


The legal stuff!

The terms and conditions set out below govern the Spirini Cash Giveaway and form the agreement between you and (“Agreement“). The Agreement is effective from the moment you enter the Spirini Cash Giveaway.


  1. The following words and phrases shall have the following meanings (and where applicable, the singular shall include the plural)


  • “Agreement” means this Agreement between spirini and You
  • “Charity” means a Bristol based charity registered with the Charity Commissioner working for good Bristol causes
  • “Spirini Cash Giveaway” means the competition to win the Spirini Cash Giveaway
  • “Entrant” anyone entering the Spirini Cash Giveaway
  • “Golden Lamp Promotion” means a unique promotion appearing in the spirini consumer app (see 13 below) setting out details relating to the unique Spirini Cash Giveaway
  • “spirini” means Limited of c/o Ashfords LLP Tower Wharf, Cheese Lane Bristol BS2 0JJ
  • “Prize” see 7. Below
  • “We us and our” means spirini
  • “Winner” the first Entrant to satisfy the Terms and Conditions below
  • “You” means an Entrant into the Spirini Cash Giveaway
  1. There is only one Prize receivable per Spirini Cash Giveaway.
  2. You must enter using your own name, address and contact details.
  3. If you are under 18, you must  obtain consent to enter the give away from a guardian
  4. The Spirini Cash Giveaway is only for those based in England. If you are not based in England your entry and application shall be deemed null and void.
  5. You need to be available to receive a prize between the 11th and 21st August 2016.  If you are not available when we attempt to contact you, we reserve the right to select the next Entrant to have emailed as in 14 below.
  6. The Prize is cash as notified in each of the Golden Lamp Promotions being an amount paid to the Winner and an equivalent amount paid to the Winners nominated, registered Bristol based Charity working for good causes in Bristol. Payment will be made electronically by spirini direct to the Charity after spirini have contacted and agreed this with the Charity after the Prize has been won and in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.  spirini reserve the right not to make payment to a nominated Charity where it does not believe it would be reasonable to do so.
  7. When claiming a Prize, satisfactory proof of age and ID will be required including a UK passport and utility bill.
  8. The closing date for entries is shown on the Golden Lamp Promotion
  9. Max. 1 entry per person.
  10. Spirini reserve the right to disqualify an Entrant attempting to win more than once.
  11. An Entrant can only win one Spirini Cash Giveaway.
  12. To enter, an Entrant must download the spirini app here and keep an eye out for the Golden Lamp Promotion. For full terms and conditions of app use, see our website.
  13. To claim the Spirini Cash Giveaway prize an Entrant must email making sure the code shown on the Golden Lamp Promotion, the Entrants name, address, email contact details and phone number are included.  The first correct email received will be the winner of each Spirini Cash Giveaway.
  14. No purchase is necessary for entry into any of the 6 Spirini Cash Giveaways
  15. There may be up to 6 unique Spirini Cash Giveaways.
  16. Spirini is entitled to cancel/delay or amend any or all Spirini Cash Giveaways at its discretion
  17. spirini reserves the right to disqualify an Entrant from winning without accepting any liability or providing any compensation where:
    1. an Entrants conduct is inappropriate or against the spirit of the Spirini Cash Giveaway or these Terms and Conditions
    2. an Entrant has acted dishonestly, deceitfully or provided incorrect or false information
    3. Awarding the prize to might not be in spirini interests
  18. This Competition is not intended to, and does not, constitute a ‘lottery’ under the Gambling Act 2005.
  19. General
  1. Transfers. This Agreement is personal to you and you may not transfer or assign your rights under it to any other person.
  1. Force Majeure. spirini shall not be liable to you for any delay in, or failure of, performance of spirini obligations under this Agreement arising from any cause beyond its reasonable control.
  2. Waivers. If spirini fails to enforce, or delays in enforcing, under this Agreement it does not constitute a waiver of that right.
  3. Severance. Each of the conditions of this Agreement operates separately. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction, such condition shall be severed without effect to the remaining provisions.
  4. Third Parties. Nothing in this Agreement shall confer on any third party any benefit, nor the right to enforce any of its provisions.
  5. Entire Agreement. This Agreement sets out the entire agreement and understanding between you and spirini, provided that nothing in this Agreement shall affect the liability of either party in respect of any misrepresentation, warranty or condition that it makes fraudulently.
  6. Governing law and jurisdiction. This Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and In the event of a conflict in the terms of this Consumer Agreement and any of the terms of such licenses or agreement, the terms of this Consumer Agreement shall prevail.

21. Contacting spirini.  Please submit any questions you have about these terms by email to

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