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Win with Spirini – and your chosen charity wins too!


Spirini is mad about Bristol – heck the genies chose Bristol to pop out of their lamps for the first time and start granting wishes and upping shopping spontaneity across the city.

So, to help Bristolians have a spontaneous shopping summer we are giving away cold hard cash for four days starting on Thursday 11th August. What’s more we will give the lucky winners the chance to double up and nominate a Bristol charity* to match what you win. Values from £25 through to a whopping £500 are being given away.


All you have to do is download Spirini from the App Store and send out some genies. Then check-back each day from Thursday to Monday to find the Golden Genie. Its first come first served – the early bird catches the genie in this case.

No luck this time? Don’t worry – check back on the App each day and also in the next few weeks as our generous genies are about to hit the streets and hide some genie lamps and if you have the App then you’ll get some pretty juicy clues.

Spirini is your best shopping friend in your pocket, it is free to use and you don’t need to register with us and input all your data. You don’t even need to pay us first! You find what you want from haircuts to handbags and cocktails to car servicing (yes really) and follow the instructions on the app, usually paying the shop or business when you buy. Our genies use clever GPS and your chosen favourites so every Spirini experience is exclusive to you.


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