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The Bristol Cable


Since the Bristol Cable launched with its first edition in late 2014 we have sought to build a model of democratically owned local journalism which is also high quality. Since then we have covered many stories in the city, put out visual reports watched by thousands and conducted in depth investigations. We have also provided free and subsidised training and events, accessible content for those with visual impairments and content in a variety of different community languages, such as Bengali and Somali – all on a shoestring budget, largely run by volunteers and part time staff.

Throughout September the Bristol Cable will running a membership drive to help us move into the next stage as an organisation and to fund more independent journalism in the city. At the moment we have 1260 members – with 1500 our ability to fund more quality content, including longer investigations and videos would be massively improved and we’ll be able to hold powerful people in Bristol to account more effectively.

We will also be able to increase the amount we pay our contributors, something we think is vital to the writers, researchers, photographers, film-makers and artists who make the Cable great. Throughout the month we will be making a concerted effort to boost our membership with special offers to members, social media competitions, online content and more.

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