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Keep the Beat

Keep the Beat

Ujima Radio CIC – the winner of the National Diversity Award for the category of “Community Organisation for Race, Faith & Religion” is hosting a cabaret information event at the South Bank Club, Dean Lane, Bedminster, BS3 1DB from 7pm to 11pm on Thursday 20th October 2016 called “Keep the Beat” to raise the awareness of Blood and Organ Donation within all communities especially the BAME communities.

Members of the 100+ strong volunteers at Ujima will be out in force to support Ade O who has four kidneys, because of two failed transplants!!!

Ujima Radio has been supporting the ongoing NHS campaign to encourage organ donor registration within Bristol particularly from local residents from Black & Asian Minority Ethnicity (BAME) backgrounds. We have been successful in signing up many from our community including George Ferguson (Former Mayor of Bristol)

Ade’s story – “I began dialysis at the age of nine years old having been rushed to Middlesex hospital after vomiting continuously. All I remember is having a neck line inserted for immediate dialysis – a very daunting experience.
After my first dialysis in July 1984, I went on to have my first kidney transplant in September 1984 which lasted two years. In May 1987 I had my second transplant, donated by a 32 year old cadaver donor who had suffered a seizure. This time the kidney managed to survive almost 20 years. From October 2004 onwards I have being doing dialysis whilst I wait for a suitable kidney donor.”

The more people who register the more chance for Ade and others like her to receive the valuable organ transplant that they need to survive!

Miss Divine and Mistri are your hostess and host! Troy Ellis – DJ Style – Makala Cheung – Miles Chambers – Dawn Parry – South West Dance Theatre + more are the performers!

Tickets are £10 + bf online and the Bristol Ticket Shop – 41 High Street, Bristol. Hotline number is 07967 353716 or email


Organ Donation Facts:

  • On average 1,000 people every year die in need of a transplant.
  • In 2010 -11 over 18% of those who died waiting for a transplant were BAME patients.
  • Organ matching is likely to be closer when the ethnicity of the donor and recipient are the same. But 27% of patients on the transplant waiting list are BAME, yet there is a real shortage of organ donors from these communities. As a result, on average, patients from the BAME Communities will wait a year longer for a kidney transplant than a White patient

To become a Donor – Register for free here – or call:  0300 123 2323

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