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‘ Lyrically Justified ’ Urban Poetry



Category: Poetry
ISBN: 9780993526558
Format: eBook, Paperback & Hard back – Released on 10th October
Available on Amazon, online & in all good book shops
Price: £7.99 RRP
Publisher: Arkbound
Lyrically Justified Compiled by Urban World Collective Edited by Shaun Clarke



‘ Lyrically Justified ’ by Urban World Collective

Featuring the work of twenty talented artists from across the UK, this collection of rap, songs and poems uses creative to explore current themes addressing questions raised from day to day life. Free from bad language and attitude, this is one of those books that can leave you in tears or laughter as the passionate words reach across the page. It is a book born of struggle and perseverance, from authors who know the highs and lows of street life. From slavery to heritage; from dreams to family, Lyrically Justified has been heralded as the UK’s ‘Streetwise Bible’.

“Heroes of their times, with positivity in common, these poets deserve to say their piece. They champion causes, not for domination, but for resolution. Urban artists, they search for truth in light of wisdom and creativity.” About the authors The authors herald from different parts of the UK, principally Bristol and Leeds. They include: Testament, Edson Burton, Denetta Copeland, Michael Jenkins, Nadinne Dyen, Shaun Clarke, Redeyefeenix, Justin Archibald, Axsom Nelson, Empress Imani, Steve Duncan, Idren Natural, Princess Emmanuelle, Louis Macintosh, Saju Ahmed, Saiqa Rehman, David Okwesia, Raj Silverfinger Singh, Justin Swaby, Karabo Moruakgomo and Shamile Haline. Their achievements span holding Guinness World Records for human beatboxing to producing award-winning films and acclaimed national performances.

Reviews “Generating this type of collection gives a platform to writers, who are without a doubt talented live artists and performers. From the stage to the page – built on passion – this collection shows us a willingness coming out of each person to share what they have. Their words speak of society, of personal experience, struggle, freedom and rights. It’s current and necessary for the time we are living in. This is a new generation of poets, singers and word smiths speaking for themselves. The collection rings out verses that shine in the hearts and mind of each writer who are shaping and reshaping time and place.” – Khadijah Ibrahiim

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