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Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai – Sun 13th Nov


Date: Sunday 13th November @ 12pm

Tickets: £6.50 full / £4.50 concessions and 24 and under. Get £1.00 off meals over £7.00 in the Café/Bar on the same day with your ticket.

Tickets available from:

“Because Ghost Dog is one of the greatest films of all time: Wu philosophy and Jarmusch Tang – aint nothing to f***with.

Knowledge is power in between the migrant make up of America, pockets of everyday tribes indigenous to their urban landscape – make do and get by.

The script is amazing, matched to that RZA rhythm. Cool melancholy and moral tenderness makes Ghost Dog a righteous G and misguided victim turned cold killer hitman… yet we stand by him. R E S P E C T.”

– Libita Clayton – Artist, Curator and Performer

Jim Jarmusch’s surreal and stylish hitman tale stars the imposing Forest Whitaker as Ghost Dog, a self-taught pigeon-loving samurai hitman who lives by a strict code of honour inspired by ancient Japanese traditions, but finds himself marked for death by the mafia.

It all goes wrong when Ghost Dog spares a witness when out for a hit, and ends up in confrontation with his employers. As he fights to defend himself against an enemy he still views as his master, he is forced to question his beliefs – and what will become of him if he abandons them. Funny, insightful, and totally original (plus blessed with a brilliant score from Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, who also cameos), this is an intoxicating and strangely moving fusion on the gangsta, gangster and ninja worlds.

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