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Emmanuel Pulse

Emmanuel Pulse

“Artist Cleo Lake devised work during the RWA’s summer exhibition Jamaican Pulse which explored her own heritage and collaborated with members of the Jamaican community in Bristol. In this blog post, Cleo discusses her working process and her experience of working with two very different cultural groups.

Go Down Emmanuel Road gyal and bwoy fi go bruk rock stone…Bruk dem one by one, finger mash no cry, member play we a play.

Popularised by Harry Belafonte, Emmanuel Road is a Jamaican folk song that I first remember hearing around eight years ago when a member of the elders dance group, the Caribbean Cruisers, suggested it as a group song.  The song is accompanied by a game where a stone is passed around a circle and you lose if you drop the stone.

I was determined that the heart of the project was about introducing or reintroducing the younger musicians and people of Jamaican descent to the folk song.  I was happy to work with Official Recordings (Wish, Gilly, Dash and Ellis) alongside music producer Kilaze and film maker SimzCity TV.  I was surprised that most of the young musicians had never heard the folk song before.” – an excerpt from the RWA blog

The full blog post can be found here: Emmanuel Pulse and the DNA of Jamaican Folk Traditions

The video is here on the RWA website
The track can be downloaded from Dec 21st 2016: Emmanuel Pulse track
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