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Happy City

As part of blowing away the cold, wintery and depressing blue feelings that for many January is renowned for, all throughout this month, the UK’s best community radio station, Ujima Radio will be bringing much needed joy into the lives of our listeners by celebrating happiness in the following ways:

  • On Monday 16th January from 12-2pm tune into the Bristol Ageing Better show, as they’ll be broadcasting live from Blue Monday at the Galleries in Broadmead.

• From Monday 16th – 20th January tune into the Crusin show from 4-6pm as we’ll be speaking to Bristol’s happiness champions.


  • Throughout January we wanna know what makes you happy, what makes you laugh and what you enjoy about living and working in the former smile capital of the UK, Bristol. Text us on 07960 240 198, tweet us or let us know by telling us on our Ujima Facebook page.


  • We’ve even teamed up with Happy City to support their campaign #investinhappiness. This UK-wide campaign, aims to create a conversation about how better to invest our time, money and resources to create a better world. To find out more about this crowdfunding campaign, check-out this Happy City video, which features our very own Mistri.
  • In terms of music, of course we’ll be playing some of those classic tunes that help put an irresistible smile on your face and skip in your walk. So whether it’s only you can make me happy by Surface, Happy people by R Kelly or Happy by Pharell and more, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate soundtrack to your happiness.  Checkout some of the classic videos below.

So, what is happiness?

Some people prefer the word wellbeing, others contentment, others like the idea of flourishing – all with good reason. We stick with the word happiness because it means something to everyone, you don’t need to be an academic or a policy maker to be interested. It’s not associated with any one religion or ideology. From our experience around the world, everyone – regardless of age, gender, race or background – wants to find happiness for themselves and those they love.



Happiness playlist

There’s so many grrrreat songs out there that help to put a smile on our faces and that extra bounce in our step. Here’s just a few classic happy songs for you to sing along to. For more songs like this make sure you tune in to Ujima 98fm.


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