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#Investinhappy campaign

All throughout January, your multi-award winning Ujima will be celebrating all things good about happiness. As part of this we’ve teamed up with Happy City to support their #Investinhappy campaign.  It’s aim is to fund a major nationwide campaign to run throughout 2017. So for more details on how you can get involved go to  today!!

The #InvestinHappy campaign will create a uk-wide conversation about how better to invest (our time, money, resources, attention, power and action) on the things that really matter.  I’ve included a synopsis of the appeal below this email and the film which we hope and think you’ll love is on the site front page here

We’re letting you know this because we urgently need your help.  All the evidence shows that successful Crowdfunding campaigns are built on momentum so we need to get off to a flying start.  We are asking our closest and most valued supporters to consider doing 2 things:

  1. Donate to the campaign.  A few really generous donations, or a lot of smaller ones, will ensure we are quickly demonstrating what we know to be true – that people all over the UK believe in this vision and want to help make it happen.
  1. Share this appeal , with as many of your colleagues, friends, connections and networks as you possibly can – with a personal endorsement and an encouragement to give.  If we can get the word to spread fast, wide and deep, we really can deliver something spectacular in 2017.

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