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Celebrate Diversity


Tribe of Doris are running a FREE event called Celebrate Diversity.  It will be a fab day-long interactive event to celebrate our diverse communities.



Celebrate the wonderfully diverse community we have in Bristol with FREE song & storytelling workshops, plus loads of games from around the world. Featuring ‘Breathing Fire’ playback theatre, a women’s only dance hour with live Somali drumming, “Tanteddy” Jamaican song workshop” and Community Song Club featuring songs from Zimbabwe, Spain, the UK and Eastern Europe.



PIANETA VERDE takes classic wooden games from around the world and imaginatively reinvents them for contemporary use. Learn the Brazilian martial arts/dance capoeira and feast on food from the Caribbean, Africa & the Middle East. There will also be a community pop up market upstairs.

It’s all free, please spread the word!!

More information available here:

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