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Metro Mayor Hustings

Bristol Green Capital Partnership – A Sustainable West of England? Metro Mayor Hustings

On 25th April 2017, as part of the Ujima Green & Black Partnership Project we were delighted to broadcast the first ever Metro Mayor Hustings by Bristol Green Capital Partnership at the University of Bristol.

The candidates attending were Tim Bowles (Conservative), Stephen Williams (Liberal Democrats), Lesley Mansell (Labour), John Savage (Independent) and Darren Hall (Green Party). The UKIP candidate Aaron Foot was unable to attend due to a family issue.

The panellists were asked questions on how sustainability and the new Metro Mayor powers would affect planning, housing the green belt and transport and how they would work with the national government. The event was hosted by Bristol Festival of Ideas’ Andrew Kelly.

Ujima Radio has previously covered both the 2010 and 2015 General Elections, the 2012 and 2106 Bristol Elected Mayor hustings and provided commentary on the 2016 European Referendum and celebrating US Elections of Barack Obama. Voting and social engagement in BAME areas is lower than many other ethnic groups and we will be covering these issues in the run up to the 2017 General Elections locally and nationally.

Our guests on the pre-show interviewed by Ujima Director Paul Hassan included Ian Burrows and Joy Carey Bristol Green Capital Partnership), Ian Burrows (Avon Wildlife Trust) and civil rights campaigner Martin Vegoda formerly of Bristol Race Equality Council, now (Salaam Shalom). In the post-show the Broadcaster and Ujima Executive Chair Roger Griffith asked all five candidates questions in relation to race and engagement.

Our thanks to our partners Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Cabot Institute.

Producer/Presenter Roger Griffith, Ujima Radio CIC – The Sustainable West of England? Metro Mayor Hustings in full:

Roger Griffith AKA The G-Man interviews candidates:

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