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Bernie Sanders Joins Ujima Democracy Season


We are delighted our own Green and Black Ambassadors and presenters Jasmine Ketbiah Foley and Zakiya McKenzie will be presenting the audience questions direct to Bernie. This event is sold out so make sure you tune in on Thursday 11am on Roger Griffith’s Bristol’s Big Conversation.


Last week, Andrew Kelly, Director of Bristol Festival of Ideas came into the studio to discuss the exciting news that Bernie Sanders will be speaking at Bristol Festival of Ideas at the historic St George’s Bristol.


Bernie Sanders has always been an individual to watch out for bringing a unique drive in the race to the White House in America. Though he was defeated in the race for Democratic nomination by Hillary Clinton, he woke up American politics with over 13 million votes gaining particular resonance amongst young people. He has changed the discussion surrounding US politics and many of the issues he stands for affect us all across the globe. He has decades of experience as an activist and senator and put this to good use to galvanise his campaign. Sanders represents stimulating ideas for continuing this revolution, arguing for a progressive economic, environmental, racial and social justice agenda that creates jobs, raises wages and protects our planet.


With questions as to how did such a relative unknown and a democratic socialist create so much commotion?




“The Bristol Festival of Ideas aims to stimulate people’s minds and passions with an inspiring programme of discussion and debate throughout the year.”

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