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ArtsAlive, 25th July 2017

Musicians, DJs, Painters, Poets, Actors, Dancers, Jugglers and visual Artists are going to gather together creating a BIG MASH UP of musical notes, colours, words and movements.

Ujima98FM will be there catching moments, feelings and emotions.

Mashed up Line up:

Kiarash Darafshi, Jack, Fu-Zion Amorion, Knowsis,  Daniele Painchaud, Tom Fletcher, April ans Sam, Sophie L. Johnson, Jessie Vine, Ketibu, Paul John Bailey,The Midnight Zu (Mc Efex, Zahra O’Shea, Weems, Harvey Joe Hudson, Zion Stuart, DubSta, Sabrina DeMi).. and many more to be added .. ^_^

If you want to give inspiration or get inspired come along on the 25th of July at Mr. Wolf’s BS11TG.

min donation £3     Starts at 8pm

if you want to get involved contact Sabrina at

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