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#Ujima9 – All throughout July, we are proud to be celebrating our 9th birthday, but we really do need your help!


#Ujim9, It’s super easy in 9 fun steps:

One             Go to our website

Two             Download our birthday plaque

Three           Print up the birthday plaque

Four             Tell us why you looooovvve Ujima Radio

Five              Take a picture of yourself holding the birthday plaque

Six                Tweet your picture to Hashtag Ujima9

Seven          Share across your social networks

Eight            Get your family & friends to do the same

Nine             Tune in everyday as we shout out the best messages.


When you complete your birthday plaque, why not get creative by drawing a picture, maybe you could do it in graffiti or if you’re feeling adventurous why not take a picture of yourself holding it in a really cool place.


Whatever you choose to do, however you choose to do it, just get involved.


You can download a blank birthday plaque here and when its complete, take a selfie and then tweet it to #Ujima9 or tag us on our Ujima Facebook page.



And for more details on our epic month of broadcasting, click here.

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