Labour leader visits Ujima Radio

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Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, Dawn Butler MP and Thangham Debonairre on their recent visit to Ujima Radio during Black History Month.  

On the same day Jeremy Corbyn, announced plans for a new slavery educational trust under the next Labour government.

The proposal outlines that the next labour government would provide a grant for the new trust. Interested groups would bid for the government contract to obtain the funding needed to establish the new charity, which would be run by an individual charity or collective.

Dawn Butler, shadow minister for women and equalities and MP for Brent Central, will be the lead on the project. She said: “I welcome our plans for a Slavery Educational Trust. Slavery is an abhorrent crime and it is important that the African slave trade and the role of Britain is never forgotten and that we learn the lessons.

“It is also vital that we remember the great tales of resilience of those enslaved, the resistance of people in society to slavery and the inspirational people involved in the abolition movement, and I’m pleased that this body will be able to do this and teach our young people about this dark time in history.”

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