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Women’s Outlook – Paulette North

Women’s Outlook – Paulette North

On Air: Wednesday, 12 noon – 14:00

Presenters:  Paulette North

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Political, social, and cultural issues with a women’s focus.

Relax over a cup of coffee whilst listening to the Talking Book interviews with famous published and aspiring authors. Listen to women’s stories and nominate your Woman of The Week or just chill out and take in the show.




Judeline Ross has lived in Bristol for decades. She last worked for the Racial Equality Council, providing an advisory service to the general public, voluntary and statutory sectors and liaising with external organisations/agencies to promote race equality and eliminate discrimination. Judeline is enjoying being a presenter and team player on Paulette’s Outlook Show. She presents the Lighter Look at Life segment, with topics such as power dressing, wise shopping and staying positive. She also covers current issues, e.g. housing and mental health.




Adam has been volunteering at Ujima since the beginning of July 2013, helping Paulette and the rest of the team with various aspects of the Women’s Outlook Show. With a strong interest in social justice issues and a passion for music and radio, he’s excited to be part of the Ujima family, learning new skills and supporting Bristol’s favorite community station.




Lisa-Marie was born in Cornwall and has lived in Bristol for 4 years. She’s passionate about helping people and joined Ujima to become more involved in the community. She enjoys encouraging people to talk about subjects such as community events, politics, diversity policies, government and education.




Jacqueline Walstra is a native Bristolian. She is married to Brett and has two sons, Daniel and Gideon. She is a teacher and an actress. Joined Ujima and Paulette’s Outlook team in February 2013. She has interests in the arts, theatre, broadcasting media and politics and likes taking part in debates about environment, “What The Papers Say” and Anniversaries of Martin Luter King’s, “I have a dream” Speech. She loves speaking on air and Ujima is the next Big!



Paulette Rosemarie Willson was born in Bristol where she has spent all her life. She has two children, a son and a daughter. Paulette is very passionate about working with people suffering from mental distress, especially in regards to multicultural society. She very much cares about other people, wanting to help them with their problems and empower them to overcome their mental stress and difficulties. She came to the show to have a better opportunity to approach the people to whom she can render help by talking about these matters on the radio.



Cheryl Morgan was born in Somerset. After years of travelling around the world, including living in Melbourne and San Francisco, she is now back in the West Country. Cheryl is very active in science fiction and fantasy literature, owning a small publishing company and being a trustee of the BristolCon foundation, which promotes SF&F in the South West. She has a strong interest in promoting diversity in the arts, and is active in civil rights politics, in particular LGBT issues.



 IMG_0453Paulette is a retired teacher, married with 2 adult children. She has always been active in campaigning on political and social issues. Her interests include vintage clothing, walking the dog, reading Mills & Boon novels, and creating recipes which involve a range of cultural tastes (Vietnamese, English and Jamaican). Paulette has always tried to give a voice to people who may not otherwise be heard. She uses her shows on Ujima as an opportunity to continue this aim.



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