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Ujima Radio offers a variety of Urban programmes for Bristol . We will WORK WITH YOU to identify your target audience, then place YOUR message within appropriate programmes. We can also translate YOUR message into other languages. Ujima can help your business grow or get your message heard. We understand how important it is to advertise your business in the right way so that your audience gets the right message. We also understand the importance of making sure that you are reaching your target audience to make sure your advertising is cost effective and gives your business or organisation the results you need. With our strong radio presence over the region and loyal following we can deliver the results you want your target audience to hear. We can offer range of packages to suit every budget. Email to arrange how Ujima can help you get your message across the region. Radio play starts from as little as £10 per play.

“Ujima FM offer great advertising opportunities to reach both BME groups
and the wider Bristol population. Great people, great production and
very good value for money – I can’t recommend them enough.”
Dan Stern, Communications, NHS Bristol

Advertising Online

If you would like to advertise on the Ujima website, please contact We can cater for all types of business and create a package that suits you. All businesses can benefit from advertising with Ujima to reach a wide Bristol audience. We can gain your business real exposure on the air waves and make your business grow. From local businesses to national businesses looking to benefit from local exposure, our cost effective advertising packages can offer something to every business looking to benefit from advertising on Ujima. Contact us today to discuss the wide range of opportunities available to you.

Radio Advertising

We can provide radio advertising for all businesses and organisations both locally and nationally. If required, we can deal with every aspect of advert creation using our experienced team and fantastic resources. Make your business stand out from the crowd and contact us today for a discussion about helping you. With a dedicated team of radio professionals we can tailor your campaign to suit your needs. Whatever type of business or organisation you operate we can guarantee that we have the skill and experience to make your business stand out from the crowd. With years of experience in creating all types of radio commercials we can get your message across exactly how you want. If you already have prepared commercials then call us to discuss a package that will best reach your audience and give you the best return on your advertising investment.

Advertisers Experience

Ujima has helped many local and national businesses reach their aims. We have worked with larger national organisations such as the NHS and Barnardos to local businesses such as Georgina’s, Maka, Locksmiths of Bristol and more. “We’ve used Ujima advertising and have found it to be a really big help for our business and fully recommend their services.” Wherever you’re based or whoever you’re trying to reach around the city and further afield, our advertising can help.
Please contact for a package to suit your needs and budget.
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