DJ Skel



DJ Skel is a radio host at Ujima Radio, DJ, Producer, Promoter & Entertainer. Skel grew up with a love of music.

Life experiences and local connections led him into the music industry at a young age. By the time he graduated high school DJ Skel had mastered the arts of the turntable and made regular music studio visits, producing CDs for sale.  Touring the club scene across the UK, he met and made many celebrities, friends and memories, also growing a fan base in cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, and more. In 2005, he broadcasted his first show live on Passion Radio, then progressed to Ujima Radio in 2011, with his show reaching 100,000 listeners. The show at Ujima captured listeners in various demographic groups, so the show was increased to 2 shows a week (Vibez Tun up Friday 10-12am GMT & Nice and Easy Sunday 4-6pm GMT).

The success of the shows has led to the radio host to participate in many other roles such as; Party planner, graphic designer, and international DJ, travelling around Europe and the Caribbean.  His love of music has also aided him to support his local community in the form of events and music. His charitable works have aided St Pauls festival, fundraisers, and local funerals.
In his spare time, he loves nothing more than enjoying being with is family and the great outdoors, green spaces and places of natural beauty, also enjoying outdoor sports such as football and jogging. For fun, he will often compile music for the listeners of YouTube & Soundcloud platform.
DJ Skel plans to take his music career further by participating in various music festivals, and mentoring young people wishing to enter the music industry. In the sector of media, he hopes to progress to producing Dancehall & Easy Listening mixes available on Apple Music and Google Play.. music is life, he does it for the love..


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