Shades of the blues



Shades of the Blues is presented by Richard Levinge and John Banks and is the longest running blues and classic soul show in the West. Richard and John have been presenting in Gloucestershire, Swindon and Bristol for over 20 years.

The show is built on a mix of 90 years of classic blues tracks from 1929 to 2018, current blues and blues influenced releases and a good smattering of classic soul and R and B. New releases (including re-releases) make up a large part of the playlist and are featured for several weeks.

Richard and John have a deep experience of the music and providing listeners with historical information about the music and insights into the characters and lives of the performers, in their enthusiastic and often witty way.

Details of current gigs and UK tours are regularly featured. We feature new books about the blues and soul as they are published

We are very enthusiastic about the music and encourage listeners to look for the music and to find out more about its rich heritage.


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