Soca Show



Bristol very own weekly Soca radio show is hosted by a collective of the city’s leading Soca DJs – Kaptin (AAA Badboy), Dub Boy, Sam Atki2 and Jonesy Wales. They will be playing new tunes from across the Caribbean, covering Bashment Soca, Groovy Soca, Dennery Segment, Jab Jab, Power Soca, Bouyon, Chutney and beyond. Bristol has been brewing a small but passionate Soca scene for the past few years, through producers such as Jus Now and nights such as Ruffneck Diskotek at Cosies run by Dub Boy and Sam Atki2 or Tun Up!

Kaptin (AAA Badboy) –  @KaptinIsDead (Twitter) @AAABadboy (Instagram) AAA Badboy (Facebook) Dub Boy – @DjDubBoy (Twitter) Dub Boy (Facebook) Jonesy Wales –  @Jones_MC (Twitter) @jonesy_wales (Instagram) Sam Atki2 – @sam_atki2 (Twitter)


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